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Underwater Cleaning

Professional Yacht and Boat Bottom Cleaning Service

Not every field service technician can say they spend their time underwater. But for professional hull divers who clean and maintain boats and yachts, it’s business as usual.

The bottom of most sailboats, yachts and powerboats are sealed with anti-fouling paint, which helps to slow the growth of subaquatic organisms like algae and barnacles. Special paint doesn’t completely prevent organisms from attaching to the hull of a boat.

Mayflower Marine Services keeps your boat’s underwater parts clean and well-maintained. Our scuba professionals make sure to our cleaning method helps prevent corrosion and pitting. Monthly underwater cleaning and maintenance helps keep your boat in optimal shape, both in looks and performance.

However, not anyone can deliver top- notch underwater boat and yacht maintenance services. It takes the right knowledge skills, and equipment to deliver quality underwater boat cleaning, propeller replacement, zinc changes, and underwater boat services. We know how much your boat means to you and our goal is to help keep your boat in the best shape possible for as long as possible.

Diver Services

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Divers are your underwater eyes. You must rely on divers not only to clean your boat or yacht properly, but also to report any identifiable issues you cannot see for yourself.

  • Expect the diver to clean the boat with the least abrasive materials required and to use environmentally safe marine products.
  • Ensure there is no barnacle growth on the hull or running gear.
  • Check the condition of bottom paint and any additional hull issues like blisters or de-lamination.
  • Check and replace zincs as necessary to maintain them at no less than 40 percent. Otherwise, the integrity of the zinc will be unreliable. This will be needed every 4 to 6 months.
  • The effects of electrolysis and galvanic corrosion on through-hulls, props and running gear, evidenced by shiny metal surfaces, surface pitting and rapid zinc degradation, should be reported immediately.
  • Checking and cleaning for growth of any sort on through-hulls and AC intake is crucial as these problems can affect air conditioning performance, overheat engines, or even sink the boat.

Your Business Matters

Mayflower Marine Services’ bottom cleaning professionals are here to help.​

  • After the hull cleaning, Mayflower Marine will be able to give a clear description of findings after each service and make maintenance recommendations.
  • We will provide the diver’s certification.
  • We are insured for a minimum of $1 million USD coverage in liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.
  • We are registered with the State of Florida at and have a business license in the county and city in which your boat will be serviced.

Dockside or Haul Out Service

Next Level Service

All boat bottom cleaning work can be performed in the water. Haul out should only be necessary when replacing props, running gear or through-hulls, and every 12 to 16 months when new bottom painting is needed. A haul out also allows closer inspection of the boat hull to eliminate future mechanical issues.

When it’s time for a haul out, we will make sure the yard has the equipment and personnel capabilities to properly service vessels the size of yours.

Mayflower Marine Services’ divers, mechanics, painters and electricians are all certified, and we are licensed and insured for your protection.